Simavi. Basic health for all.

Health is a prerequisite to get out of poverty. That is why Simavi works towards a healthy base for all. Read about our work »

Highlights 2013

In 2013 Simavi improved acces to clean water, toilets and basic health care for 1 million people worldwide. Read more in our annual report and view our infographic»

Water, sanitation & hygiene

Without safe water, sanitation and hygiene, people are trapped in a cycle of poverty and disease. This is why Simavi works on improving these basic health facilities »

Sexual and reproductive heatlh & rights

Together with local partner organisations, Simavi works on improving sexual and reproductive health and rights »

FIETS sustainabilty

An explanimation by the Dutch WASH Alliance on FIETS sustainabilty. Watch it here »

About Simavi

Simavi is an international development organisation. Simavi strives for a world in which basic health is accessible to all, since health is a prerequisite for building a better existence and for getting out of poverty. Therefore, we will have structurally improved the health of 10 million people in marginalised communities in Africa and Asia by 2020.  Read more »

Simavi's work on WASH

Nearly 780 million people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. Almost 40% of the world population does not have a toilet. That is 2.6 billion people.

Read about our work on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) »

Simavi's work on SRHR

Together with local partner organisations, Simavi works on improving sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Read about our work on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
(SRHR) »

Latest news

Dutch Leadership in Football and WASH

While the Football for Water public fundraising campaign kicked off during the Netherlands-Ghana match that aimed to highlight the importance of WASH, the Dutch Government signed an agreement with UNICEF...
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Extra funding for special project on menstrual hygiene in India

Simavi, Rutgers WPF and Women on Wings have been granted over 2 million euro for a special project on menstrual hygiene in India, as was announced yesterday.
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New appointments MT Simavi

 As of 2014, Simavi has a new organisational structure. This is in response to the Strategy 2014 - 2016 (of which more shortly).
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World Toilet Day 2013

2.5 billion people do not have access to an improved toilet. This means 1 out of 3 people do not have a safe, clean and private toilet.
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Ariette Brouwer overhandigt Kitty van der Heijden gouden wc-rol (c) Michiel Wijnbergh

Simavi presents golden roll of toilet paper to Ministry

1,000 rolls of toilet paper represent 2.5 billion people without toilets
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www 2013 510X2325

Simavi taking action to mark World Water Week

Every year, the Stockholm International Water Institute holds World Water Week. From 1 to 6 September, more than 200 organisations from all over the world will come together in Stockholm for...
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Subsidy allocated to Youth Empowerment Alliance

Friday November 30, Lilianne Ploumen, the new Dutch Minister of International Trade and Development announced that 29 million euro has been made available for the work of the Youth Empowerment Alliance.
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Renewed strategy

Simavi. Basic Health for all.

Alike the world around us, Simavi is in transition. In our strategy 2014-2016 we have defined a new direction. A direction which, accompanied by a new appearance, can provide answers to the challenges of our time. Read about our work »