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Dutch MPs recognize urgency of safe drinking water and sanitation

Dutch organisation Simavi in cooperation with other NGOs organised a successful walk for water in the Hague, the Netherlands on World Water Day. It aimed to put water and sanitation firmly on the political agenda!

At the end point of the Walk, a petition was offered to the Dutch parliament. The petition requested governments to take action on the water crisis and focuses on two points. First, ensure that Dutch aid will reach the least developed countries and secondly, to commit to a yearly active reporting system to be put in place. The petition was signed by over 18 Dutch organisations working in the field of water and sanitation.

Water is a human right

Ferrier (CDA): "Water is a human right. It is important that we focus on water. But what result does that have, and how do we monitor it? We need to look critically at the results."

Water is top priority

Van der Staaij (SGP): “Support for water and sanitation is our top priority in development aid. Access to water and sanitation also provides women with safety which is very important.”

**Dutch MPs Kathleen Ferrier (CDA) and Kees van der Staay (SGP) receive bottled messages from Rolien Sasse, director Simavi, on behalf of End Water Poverty.
Photo credit: Wijnbergh Fotografie

Gepubliceerd op: 24/03/2011