Basic health for all

Our Approach

Simavi works in marginalised communities to improve people’s health.

We sometimes do this in a very practical way by assisting in the construction of wells and toilets, by ensuring that people are vaccinated or by seeing to it that people can reach clinics by, for example, purchasing a bicycle ambulance. We also:

  • provide healthcare information
  • train healthcare staff
  • policy advocacy
  • give advice to local organisations with regard to their operational management

Local partner organisations

Together with local partner organisations, we improve the health of millions of people in developing countries and we establish activities that benefit people and the environment.

Fundraising, monitoring and support

We raise funds to finance the work of our partners and we take care of the monitoring and justification of spending of the resources. 


We specifically focus on the following important themes:


As a non-governmental organisation, we contribute to a sustainable world. We make our programmes as future-proof as possible. The foundation we create has to be solid enough for people among themselves and together with local NGOs, companies and governments can continue to build their future on it without outside help. This means that the programmes we implement are designed in accordance with the FIETS principles as much as possible. Read more »